Gracianna featured simply driven wine tours

When I look back at all the things I got in trouble for during my teenage years, none of them lead to anything remotely productive… let alone a family enterprise.

That wasn’t the case for young Trini Amador IV, who was busted for secretly making Pinot Noir in the family garage at the age of 15. Upon discovery of his 5-gallon fermenter, Trini’s parents made him pour out his “experiment” and assumed it was a teenagers crafty way of procuring alcohol. What they came to realize was Trini had a real curiosity about the fermentation process and how grapes become wine. Shortly after the big bust, Trini’s parents gave him some professional winemaking equipment, as a Christmas present… he’s been making wine ever since.

Gracianna Winemaking Approach

What began in that little fermenter has grown into a respected wine brand involving the entire Amador family, including the Amador Family’s maternal grandmother, in name at least… Gracianna.

The Amador family didn’t stick with garage experiments. They sought training, education and experience with some of Sonoma’s top wine people. This investment of time and effort has resulted in wonderful pinot noirs, zinfandels, chardonnays, and sauvignon blancs from the Russian River Valley appellation.

“The Zins have a bold mouthfeel, with depth, spiciness and rich color, and are robust and somewhat tannic. We want our Pinots to remind you of a silky breeze–they are soft and silky, with a smooth mouthfeel and finish, and feature very fruit-forward flavor.” The family wants to ensure that everyone knows that Gracianna is for people who have something to be grateful for. “It’s for people who love to serve their guests and show them a wonderful time: Gracianna will be there for them.”

Gracianna is open to the public from April through November by appointment only. If you’re planning on being in the Russian River Valley, we suggest giving Gracianna a visit! You can learn more about them on their website

6914 Westside Road
Healdsburg, CA
(707) 486-3771

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