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Napa Valley Picnics: The Definitive Guide [2023]

Two couples enjoying a picnic on the lawn of V. Sattui

We’ve been touring guests around Napa wineries for over a decade; we’ve seen the Oakville Grocery change ownership many times, wineries get bought and sold, rules change from local government, and visitor policies evolve at winery estates. Things change so much around here; the list of good picnic spots we published seven years ago is […]

Artesa Winery


There’s something to be said for spur of the moment trips to wine country, cruising around with no plan or agenda and just popping into whichever tasting rooms catch your eye. On the other hand, that kind of approach probably wouldn’t get you to Artesa Winery–which would be a real shame. This award-winning winery is […]

Napa Valley & Sonoma Wine Country Zipcar Getaway

Hey Zipsters, planning a Wine Country Zipcar getaway to Napa Valley or Sonoma? Wondering how you can have the benefit of a guided, chauffeured experience and still use your Zipcar? You could volunteer to be the designated driver for the group and just take in the scenery. That’s not a terrible option, you’ll keep everyone […]

Elizabeth Spencer


Be careful who you enjoy your next glass of wine with, you may end up in the wine business with them. That’s what happened at Elizabeth Spencer, another client favorite winery. In 1992 Elizabeth Pressler and Spencer Graham began enjoying wine together and in 1998 established the winery. It wasn’t completely on a whim though, […]

Dog Friendly Wineries Chapter 1 – Napa Valley

Dog friendly wineries Simply Driven

Napa Valley driver’s log, May 16, 2015. It was a gorgeous day in the Valley and Lola and Coco were in the mood to hit some dog friendly wineries and see just how friendly they were. It was a casual outing, no set itinerary, just driving up the Silverado Trail looking for furry friends, good […]

hope & grace

Hope & Grace Winery

There are a few wineries that have garnered a thumbs up from every guest we’ve taken there… hope & grace is one of them. Interestingly, the hope & grace tasting room isn’t located in the middle of a vineyard or in a winery building. Instead, it’s what’s called an urban tasting room and is located […]

Brannan Cottage Inn

This past Sunday we were out marketing ourselves old-school, visiting places we wanted to do business with and delivering hand written cards. Brannan Cottage Inn was on our list to visit but we hadn’t actually been there since its remodel and reopening late last year… we were amazed! When I went in, I wasn’t expecting […]