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The Russian River Valley climate is sculpted by the regular intrusion of cooling fog from the Pacific Ocean a few miles to the west. Much like the tide, it ebbs and flows through the Petaluma Wind Gap and the channel cut by the Russian River through the coastal hills. The fog usually arrives in the evening, often dropping the temperature 35 to 40 degrees from its daytime high, and retreats to the ocean the following morning. This natural air-conditioning allows the grapes to develop full flavor maturity over an extended growing season – often 15 to 20 percent longer than neighboring areas, while retaining their all-important natural acidity.

Thomas George Estate


Father-son relationships typically inspire images of fishing trips and tossing a ball in the front yard, but at Thomas George Estate this bond goes far beyond outdoor sports. Father-son team Thomas and Jeremy Baker put their heads, hearts, and hands together in their shared dream of creating great wines. The Baker family is the second […]

MacRostie Winery

When Steve MacRostie began making wines in Sonoma County over three decades ago, he was one of only a handful of winemakers in the area. These proud pioneers danced to a different beat, driven by a love of wine and a belief in the land’s potential — saying no to big, bold Bordeaux varietals and […]

Rosé Roundup – Russian River Valley

Russian River Rose Tour Simply Driven

There’s no shame in drinking pink wine. In fact, there’s a lot of fun in it. Encompassing a wide array of varietals and winemaking methods rosés have a little bit of everything. Tasting through Russian River’s pinks is pleasant and provoking. If you’re looking to taste the rosés of the area we’ve arranged the perfect […]

Gary Farrell

Gary Farrell Wine Tours Simply Driven

Atop a hill, overlooking the curving Russian River and the valley that’s become synonymous with elegant Pinot Noir’s, stands Gary Farrell. The second you enter the gates and begin winding your way up the steep, curved driveway you know you’re in for something special. An iconic wine country vineyard. A visit to Gary Farrell offers […]


Gracianna featured simply driven wine tours

When I look back at all the things I got in trouble for during my teenage years, none of them lead to anything remotely productive… let alone a family enterprise. What began in that little fermenter has grown into a respected wine brand involving the entire Amador family, including the Amador Family’s maternal grandmother, in […]