Winery Picnics In Napa Valley

winery picnics in napa valley simply driven

Winery picnics in Napa Valley… great food, wine and scenery. Here’s the catch, most wineries won’t let you picnic on their property. For some it’s a preference but for most, County regulations restrict them. There’s a few basic ingredients that every picnic needs, the food, the place and the people. We’re guessing you have the […]

hope & grace

Hope & Grace Winery

There are a few wineries that have garnered a thumbs up from every guest we’ve taken there… hope & grace is one of them. Interestingly, the hope & grace tasting room isn’t located in the middle of a vineyard or in a winery building. Instead, it’s what’s called an urban tasting room and is located […]

Brannan Cottage Inn

This past Sunday we were out marketing ourselves old-school, visiting places we wanted to do business with and delivering hand written cards. Brannan Cottage Inn was on our list to visit but we hadn’t actually been there since its remodel and reopening late last year… we were amazed! When I went in, I wasn’t expecting […]