You’ve done it! You’ve decided to go to Napa Valley or Sonoma and enjoy some world class wine and food while taking in the breathtaking scenery of wine country. Now you could use a little help understanding what to expect, preferably from an experienced wine tasting guide.

Over the years we’ve taken people all over Napa Valley and Sonoma, on wine tasting tours, and have come up with answers to the questions most first time visitors have. This wine tasting guide isn’t meant to tell you which wineries or restaurants to visit since that has a lot to do with your personal taste preferences (when we plan visits for our guests, we customize their itinerary to the wines and experiences that are right for them). What this guide will help you with is how to get around Napa Valley and Sonoma, what you should pack for a trip to wine country, the different types of wine tasting experiences available, wine tasting etiquette and caring for and getting the wine you purchase home.

Visiting Napa Valley and Sonoma can be a truly amazing experience and armed with a bit of knowledge from our wine tasting guide, there will be nothing standing in the way of making it one of your most memorable vacations ever.

Though we’ve tried to make this Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Tasting Guide as thorough as possible, it’s likely you may still have a question. If so, no problem. Just get in touch with us and we’ll answer you right away.