Yountville wine tours… the heart of Napa’s food scene. The tiny town of Yountville has a well-deserved reputation as the culinary capital of Napa Valley, thanks to the many award-winning restaurants that line the main drag of this 3,000 person hamlet.

The famous French Laundry and its three Michelin stars call Yountville home, but so do more than a half dozen other acclaimed eateries — Michael Chiarello’s Bottega, Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery, Bistro Jeanty, Ciccio, Lucy, and Richard Reddington’s Redd and Redd Wood, to name just a few. These stellar spots draw hundreds of thousands of hungry diners to downtown Yountville each year.

Food isn’t the only thing that has people raving about this charming little town, of course. The quaint tree-lined streets are also surrounded by rows and rows of premium vineyards, which produce exceptional wines to pair with Yountville’s world-famous gastronomic delights. With 8,260 acres of diverse soils and microclimates, the Yountville AVA can produce a wide range of different grape varieties. Whether you’re into spicy Gewurztraminer, bold Cabernet, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, rich Syrah, or elegant Pinot Noir, the wineries of Yountville have something you’ll enjoy.

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In a strange way, though, Yountville’s varied soils and microclimates also help keep the area’s wines under the radar. Unlike neighboring Oakville or the Stag’s Leap District, which have staked their reputation on Cabernet Sauvignon (and done very well indeed!), Yountville hasn’t limited itself to a dominant variety. As a result, this AVA remains one of the lesser known Napa Valley winegrowing appellations — which means it’s relatively less crowded, and often less expensive as well.

Yountville wine tours lets visitors sample a bit of everything wine country has to offer, from wines to shopping and dining. The hardest part about planning your visit is deciding which of the amazing restaurants and wineries to take off your hit list. Remember, though, you can always come back.

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