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Elizabeth Spencer


Be careful who you enjoy your next glass of wine with, you may end up in the wine business with them. That’s what happened at Elizabeth Spencer, another client favorite winery. In 1992 Elizabeth Pressler and Spencer Graham began enjoying wine together and in 1998 established the winery. It wasn’t completely on a whim though, […]

Dog Friendly Wineries Chapter 2 – Sonoma Valley

Dog Friendly Wineries Chapter 2 Sonoma Valley Simply Driven

Sonoma Valley driver’s log, May 24, 2015. Another gorgeous day in wine country and since we had so much fun on our last dog friendly winery adventure we decided to do it again, this time in Sonoma Valley. We chose our destinations as though we were fairly savvy wine tourists on a day trip (no […]

Dog Friendly Wineries Chapter 1 – Napa Valley

Dog friendly wineries Simply Driven

Napa Valley driver’s log, May 16, 2015. It was a gorgeous day in the Valley and Lola and Coco were in the mood to hit some dog friendly wineries and see just how friendly they were. It was a casual outing, no set itinerary, just driving up the Silverado Trail looking for furry friends, good […]